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Artist: Hanson
Tab Type: Bass
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Artist: Hanson!!
Song title: Man From Milwaukee
Album: Middle Of Nowhere (on Mercury-Polygram Records)
Tabbed by: Lee shmeLz (ilovebass@yahoo.com)

  I'm very much of an amateur bass guitarist coz I just picked up the>
instrument and played with it!! I had no lesson's whatsoever so this s
gonna be a very simple entry. ENJOY!!
Intro and Chorus :
G ------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------
E ---0---2---5---7---/----------------------------------------------
G ------------------------------------------------------------------
D ------------------------------------------------------------------
A ------------------------------------------------------------------
E ---0--5--0--5-----10--9--10--10-----------------------------------
Bridge:                                     Mid :
G -----------------------------------------|-------------------------
D -----------------------------------------|-------------------------
A -----------------------------------------|-------------------------
E ---2--2--5--5--5--7--5--10--10--10--10---|---7--10--12-------------

You'll have to roughly guess how many times to play. Here are the full
Verse 1:
It started at a bus stop
In the middle of nowhere
Sitting beside me
Was a man with no hair
>From the look on his face
To the size of his toes
He comes from a place
Where nobody knows
Oh maybe I'm hallucinating, hyperventilating
Letting this big-toed bald man sitting here
Telling me bout the sky
Maybe I'm hallucinating, hyperventilating
If you ask me now
I couldn't tell you why

I've been sitting too long
By a man from Milwaukee
He's talking too long
On his yellow walkie-talkie
He's talking too much
But I think he's wacky
He say's they'll come get him
Come get him someday

Verse 2:
He says where he's from
Is called Albertane
There they use more than 10 %
Of their brain
But you couln't tell it
>From the way they behave
They run around in their underwear
And they never shave

Bridge, Chorus
This is mama bird callin' Baby Bird
Baby Bird come in, come in Baby Bird
For the love of Pete come in!!
Sorry mum, I was watching Court TV
Do you copy, do you copy??
Of course we copy
24 hours a day...in colour!!
Verse 3:
You wouldn't believe me
If I told you the rest
The man sittin' by me
Who was just barely dressed
He'd walked to Milwaukee
Or perhaps Albertane
And left me at the bus stop
Just barely sane

Oh maybe I'm hallucinating, hyperventilating
If you ask me now I couldn't tell you why
Chorus Reprise:
I've been sitting too long
Thinking of Milwaukee
I've been talking too long
On my yellow walkie-talkie
I'm talking too much
You might think that I'm wacky
I know they'll come get me
Come get me someday
I know they'll come get me
And take me away
I know they'll come get me
Come get me someday
If not tomorrow
Then maybe today

For more HANSON news, visit my bands homepage at
http://expage.com/page/wackyworldofshmelz sign the guestbook!! THANX!!!

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